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Matthew H.

I am a Heilbronn Research Fellow at Imperial College London. 


My research interests are in Algebraic Number Theory and, in particular, on conjectures relating to the special values of L-functions.

Previously I was a PhD student in Algebraic Number Theory at King's College London, supervised by Mahesh Kakde and David Burns.

You can contact me at

Here is a copy of my CV.

Publications / Preprints

  • On the Root of Unity Ambiguity in a Formula for the Brumer-Stark Units, Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, to appear. arXiv pdf

  • On the Equality of Three Formulas for Brumer-Stark Units, (with Samit Dasgupta), Preprint. arXiv pdf

  • Comparing Two Formulas for the Gross-Stark Units, Journal of Number Theory 248 (2023) 368-419. arXiv pdf

Notes / Miscellaneous

There are mistakes in these but may still be interesting.

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